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Workingman’s Death

FromMichael Glawogger

WithMinenarbeitern in der Ukraine, Schwefelträgern auf Java, Schlachthausarbeitern in Nigeria, Werftarbeitern in Pakistan, Hochofenarbeitern in China



A powerful documentary in five chapters (and an epilogue) reports on places where hard manual labor is still practiced: In Krasni Lutsch, Stakhanov's heirs work illegally in abandoned mines as a last, life-threatening chance to earn a living. In East Java, Indonesia, coolies carry tons of sulphur in baskets from the volcano past tourists into the valley. An open-air slaughterhouse (complete with roasting fires for further processing) in Port Harcourt in Nigeria: the cycle of death and the cycle of life. In Gaddani, Pakistan, immigrants dismantle huge ships with welding equipment: the West's waste as a raw material for the "Third World". In the steel factories of Anchan in China, there is an unconditional belief in the economic upswing of the future. Postscript: another future, including a colorful light show, a disused smelting works in Duisburg that has been converted into an amusement park. (Christoph Huber)

Photo: Austrian Film Museum