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Under 26

22 euros per month. Can be cancelled at any time after 4 months minimum period.

26 & older

24 euros per month. Can be cancelled at any time after 8 months minimum period.

Annual subscription

After one year, the subscription automatically continues as a monthly subscription and can be cancelled at any time.

After purchasing the subscription, you will receive a temporary digital card and a physical card after 4 weeks latest.

If you would like to gift someone with the nonstop cinema subscription, you can enter the details of your gift recipient and your own e-mail address. The subscription lasts for a specific period of time that you choose (at least 4 or 8 months) and then ends automatically.

The subscription gives you access to all regular film screenings in the participating cinemas. You can either reserve tickets online via the cinema websites and pick them up before the movie starts or simply drop by the cinema spontaneously. How does it all work exactly? You can find the answers here: FAQs

If you have any further questions, please contact our support:

With the nonstop cinema subscription we want to make affordable cinema possible for cinema-goers. In addition, you also support the cinemas with your subscription.

Fine print:

If you pay by EPS transfer, the membership fee will be automatically deducted from your account each month thereafter. If you pay by credit card, the amount will be charged monthly to your card.

There is a one-time processing fee of € 4.80. This is collected at the time of the first monthly payment and covers the cost of printing the membership cards and postage.

The temporary digital card expires automatically after four weeks. Please use the membership card as soon as you receive it in the post.