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Voices of the Silenced

FromPARK Soo-nam, PARK Maeui



Voices of the Silenced immerses the viewers in the historical narrative of Park Soo-nam, a Korean born in colonial-era Japan. Through the meticulous curation of two 16mm documentary films dating back to 1985, alongside the restoration of previously unreleased footage, the film resurrects the testimonies of witnesses, providing a poignant exploration of the Zainichi Korean experience.

As the film traverses from the past to the present, it prompts audiences to reflect on the profound impact of colonization and war, compelling us to confront the losses endured by communities of the Zainichi Koreans. In doing so, it serves as a vital record of their ongoing struggle for justice and recognition.

Voices of the Silenced not only challenges us to contemplate the essence of documentary filmmaking but also sparks crucial inquiries about the importance of reclaiming lost histories in the face of historical injustices. This collaborative endeavor, helmed by director Park Soo-nam and her daughter and co-director Park Maeui, stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of those whose voices have been marginalized and silenced.