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Poil de carotte (Karottenkopf) (1932)

FromJulien Duvivier

WithRobert Lynen, Catherine Fontenay, Harry Baur, Louis Gauthier, u.a.



Poil de carotte (1925), the great drama about little people, was Duvivier's favorite of all his films. That is why he returned to the subject again after only seven years. His second film adaptation of Renard's novel is a masterpiece of empathy. With great sensitivity, the director also draws the audience's attention to the inner conflicts of the child François in the sound film version, but makes the narrative more delicate and subtle. Less interested in the caricature-like depiction of everyday family life revolving around a malicious mother, Duvivier concentrates in this remake on the tricky relationship between the resigned father, played by a grumpy Harry Baur, and the son vying for his affection - the then ten-year-old Robert Lynen in a parade role. (Ralph Eue)

Photo: Austrian Film Museum