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Perdidos en la noche (Lost in the Night)

FromAmat Escalante

WithJuan Daniel García Treviño, Ester Expósito, Bárbara Mori u.a.



Emiliano's mother has been missing for three years. The environmental activist had protested against the construction of a mine in the area. Emiliano demands justice and is determined to solve the crime. A trail leads him to the house of the famous, eccentric Aldama family of artists. In order to gain access to the estate, he takes a job as a domestic servant. Unexpectedly, he soon gains the trust of the family: influencer Mónica, who is the same age as him, falls in love with Emiliano and the man of the house, Rigoberto, is inspired by him again. But there is still the mysterious water reservoir and a gruesome suspicion. The boundaries between truth, lies, friendship and enmity slowly but surely begin to blur.

The well-known director Amat Escalante (HELI) once again proves to be a seismograph of the socio-political situation in Mexico. Set against the surreal backdrop of a reservoir in Guanajuato, this multi-layered mystery thriller offers more than just thrills. Escalante combines burning issues such as corruption and the power of social media with incredible ease.