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Les bonnes conditions (Beste Bedingungen)

FromJulie Gavras



A long-term observation masterfully condensed into eight individual portraits: In 2003, Julie Gavras interviewed the 16-year-old students for the first time, whom she met every year until 2016. Quick montages of press photos call up defining French, global political or pop culture moments. Otherwise the setting remains constantly in private rooms. Medium and close-up shots dominate. This allows you to concentrate on what is being said and at the same time on faces, postures, styles – and how they develop. At the same time, the film provides insight into how the titular "good prerequisites" are created (and reproduced) in French class society in the context of the education system: In addition to family origins, this includes attending (high) school as preparation for admission to one of the Grandes Écoles, whose successful completion opens doors to management levels for another generation. (Marion Biet / Nicole Kandioler / Isabella Reicher)