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Krieg in Wien

FromMichael Glawogger, Ulrich Seidl

WithKarin David-Kienzer, Dagmar Schwarz, Thomas Stolzetti



Before that:
War in Vienna [Test] AT, 1987/88, DCP (from 16mm), colour, 2 min

Michael Glawogger's first film, co-director Ulrich Seidl has already made Good News. Their different approaches meet here. The subject: a sarcastically humorous reckoning with the new satellite television. Because where else does this montage of news snippets, accidents, wars, street fights, (with "real" corpses) adverts and comedy come from? Everything is so colourful here! The white noise in colour. Is this already an example of Glawogger's documentary strategy of overwhelming colour? In contrast, Seidl's strict framing, his static image composition. His sad protagonists sit on the huge sofas, at whom the directors seem to be looking disparagingly. (But no!) The usual television criticism? No, this is watching without being responsible for anything, without having to react. Black Forest Clinic, Dallas and Derrick ADE! Now it's really starting. The war in the living room, "we bring you the most interesting and up-to-date news from all over the world" directly to Vienna. And, please, who is still looking for their individual happiness? (Birgit Flos)

To kick things off, a short find from the shoot: Glawogger in close-up.

In the presence of staff members Ortrun Bauer, Andrea Wagner and Eva Mayer-Dopplinger on 11 April