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John Zorn I, II

FromMathieu Amalric

WithJohn Zorn



Three films, 12 years and 71 musicians - so far the statistics. Director and actor Mathieu Amalric has accompanied the New York saxophonist, composer and improviser for three films (and a fourth part is already in the works) on his sound journeys from jazz to string quartet, from noise to klezmer, from easy listening to church organ, cartoon, electric oud, opera soprano or women's choir. When the thoroughbred musician meets the world, unexpected dynamic forces are always released, which are all the more profound because Amalric consciously opts for an intimate approach to man and artist Zorn. He first presents himself as a mad genius, then as a concentrated sound magician and finally as a sparring partner in a challenging rehearsal process: watching and listening to art come to life. (Florian Widegger)