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FromAndrew Haigh

WithTom Cullen, Chris New, Jonathan Race, Laura Freeman, u.a.



After an alcohol-fuelled party, a young man meets another man in a gay club and spends a memorable weekend with him.

They are actually Richard Linklater's “invention”: these feather-light films that show how two people get closer and fall in love within a few hours. But now Andrew Haigh is presenting just such a love film. WEEKEND is set in London, is about two men and is gripping and gets under your skin. One evening at a club, Russell and Glen's paths cross. The two couldn't be more different: While Russell is looking for the man of his life and true love, Glen is coming out of a long-term relationship and has vowed to stay single. The night we spent together was supposed to be just a one-night stand. But then Russ and Glen start talking. The film takes place in forty-eight hours full of intense conversations, tenderness and physical intimacy, and a possible new love is announced between budding feelings and differently planned life plans.
WEEKEND is a magnificent feature film whose main actors, Tom Cullen and Chris New, act so sensationally relaxed, even in the most intimate scenes, as if there were no cameras anywhere. A great discovery!