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Up-Serie: Seven Up! / Up-Serie: 7 Plus Seven

FromPaul Almond / Michael Apted



In 1964, the British TV reportage format World in Action delves into the "challenging, changing world of seven-year-olds": Four girls and ten boys from different backgrounds and different areas of the United Kingdom are filmed and interviewed according to the (recurring) motto "give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man". Initially set up as a social experiment, the young test subjects quickly develop a life of their own: "I'd rather not answer questions like that." Seven years later, there is an initial review to see how the "Future of Britain" participants have developed, what they now think about the education system, money, politics and their everyday lives. Some look back on the first episode with reservations ("I made a few mistakes in 7 Up."), some realise their first plans ("I want to be a jockey! I want to be a jockey!"). (M.B. / N.K. / I.R.)

Photo: ITV Studios