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Up-Serie: 49 Up

FromMichael Apted



The encounters with Andrew, Bruce, Symon, Lynn and Suzy, with Paul in Australia, Nick in the USA and the other participants, which continue every seven years, have arrived in the new millennium, with grandchildren already appearing here and there. And the relationship of the now 49-year-old protagonists to this series and "Mike", the persistent questioner who remains invisible off-screen, is discussed more prominently in front of the camera for the first time: "I have the impression that now, for the first time, it's about us - instead of your perception of us," says one in the course of an emotional statement. Being part of these films is a difficult and painful experience - because she actually attaches great importance to her privacy, says another. He now provides information with much greater restraint, says another. And a fourth: "I like looking at the others - and I end up hating you." (M.B. / N.K. / I.R.)