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Up-Serie: 28 Up

FromMichael Apted



One of them goes golfing with his mates at the weekend, but he's not the son of an upper-class family: Tony from London's Eastend, always on the move even as a youngster, proves to be just as irrepressibly mobile when it comes to social advancement. Bruce, an Oxford graduate, now works as a teacher at Tony's former public school - as a kind of compensation for the systemic disadvantages created by the two-tier education system. Margaret Thatcher is in office. Two of the young men have cancelled their participation for this time. Suzy, on the other hand, who used to have little interest in cameras and questions, seems liberated and happy for the first time. Neil, a teacher's kid from Liverpool and at some point helplessly despairing of the education system, is found by the film team in the Scottish single shift: He lives in a caravan, on welfare and odd jobs. "Are you sometimes afraid of losing your mind?" - "Other people worry about that sometimes, yes." (M.B. / N.K. / I.R.)

Photo: ITV Studios