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Together Apart mit Vorfilm Sulyap

FromMaren Wickwire



"Together Apart" is an intimate portrait of two Igorot women from the Cordilleras who have left their Filipino homeland to seek work abroad. As the easternmost point of the European Union, Cyprus offers low wages for migrant domestic workers but still attracts many labourers. The story follows Guil Ann, a 25-year-old woman who follows her mother Carren to the other side of the world. Shortly after their reunion in Cyprus, unforeseen events lead to Carren's return. After almost two decades abroad, Carren must now adjust to a new life in the Philippines. Guil Ann hopes to return sooner or later to her family, who are also dependent on her income. The film alternates between the present reality and the future visions of migrants, reflecting on identity, belonging and care. "Together Apart" provides deep insights into the complex network of transnational migration, far removed from stereotypical victim narratives.

As supporting film
AT 2021 - 6:04 Min - OmU
D: Chelsea Amada
"Sulyap" integrates various forms of artistic expression, including a short film, an installation and an exhibition. The aim is to share the experiences and stories of Filipinx carers with a wider audience. Through personal interviews and conversations, "Sulyap" sheds light on the impact of matriarchal structures in indigenous communities in the Philippines and the prominent role of Filipinas in their communities. "Sulyap" also aims to create a space where young Filipinos can explore their culture. It also aims to encourage critical thinking about the challenges in their community and to challenge post-colonial thinking and prejudices based on racism. "Sulyap" was exhibited as part of the Vienna Art Festival Wienwoche 2021 and 2023.

The films will be followed by a discussion with the artist Chelsea Amada and Ryan Noel. The exhibition is located in the cinema foyer and is freely accessible.