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THX 1138

FromGeorge Lucas

WithRobert Duvall, Donald Pleasence, Don Pedro Colley



The citizens have lost their individual rights, they are numbered drones kept in check by a state-run drug program. The life of factory worker THX-1138 changes radically and irreversibly when his roommate LUH-3417 persuades him to stop taking the drugs. When her sexual desire is awakened as a result, the two begin a forbidden love affair. The state discovers the illegal union and drug refusal – THX and LUH are separated. But THX is determined to escape his wall-less prison and find out what has happened to LUH. Before he can do that, he must evade the police robots and face the unknown dangers of the outside world.

"George Lucas' debut film is a complex and highly original, albeit not easily receivable science fiction adventure and at the same time, a poignant warning about the dangers of a mechanized world." Encyclopedia of International Film