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The True Cost – Der Preis der Mode

FromAndrew Morgan

WithLivia Giuggioli, Stella McCartney, Richard D. Wolff, Vandena Shiva



A sweater or a pair of trousers for less than 10 euros, a shirt for 5 - you often go into clothes stores and are amazed at how cheap the latest fashions are here. But how can it be that clothes cost so little here? THE TRUE COST - The Price of Fashion sets out on a quest and impressively traces the path that clothes take before they reach our stores. The depressing answer to the question is: it shouldn't be!

There is hardly a market where appearance and reality are as far apart as in the clothing industry. On the one hand, there are fashion shows with star models and red carpets; on the other hand, the clothes are mostly produced under slave-like conditions in so-called third world countries. The chain of exploitation behind every single item of clothing becomes invisible behind the glamorous world of the fashion industry.

THE TRUE COST - The price of fashion shows this chain: Where are the clothes made, what are the working conditions there, what happens in the countries where huge amounts of water are needed for the cotton while people die of thirst? The exploitation of people and nature behind the prices is shocking. Equally frightening is the suppression of this fact in the western world. Who would buy a pair of trousers if they knew that a child had to die of thirst to buy them or that the seamstress who made them died in the rubble of a collapsed factory? THE TRUE COST - The price of fashion shows the shocking truth: the cost of our clothes has to be paid for by others.