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The Story of Kerry, Josie and Diana 14–47: Smoke and Lollies / The Story of Kerry, Josie and Diana 14–47: 14’s Good, 18’s Better

FromGillian Armstrong



In 1976, Gillian Armstrong (My Brilliant Career, 1979, etc.) began to tell the story of Kerry, Josie and Diana on behalf of the South Australian Film Corporation and without a plan for a long-term project: We meet (almost) 14-year-old working class teenagers from Adelaide, who openly give an insight into their everyday lives in conversations, at home with their families or outside with other young people. The reality of the girls' lives is determined by traditional role models, but also by their rebellious questioning: "What's the point of going into marriage as a virgin? After that, you won't be one anyway!" In addition to the constraints, it is also about the pleasures of the present (make-up, cigarettes, or: "Boys, yummy!") - and about plans for the future. Four years later, not all the resolutions have been kept. But the unwavering determination with which the young women, two of them already mothers, take on new challenges is unbroken. (Marion Biet / Nicole Kandioler / Isabella Reicher)