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The Persian Version (dt. Fassung)

FromMaryam Keshavarz

WithLayla Mohammadi, Niousha Noor, Kamand Shafieisabet, Bijan Daneshmand, u.a.



Leila is an Iranian-American young woman who tries to reconcile her two opposing and opposing cultures - which is not always easy. In doing so, she also questions the labels that family and society so quickly assign to her. When the entire family gathers in New York City for her father's heart transplant, Leila struggles to keep her dating life under the radar and separate her "real" life from her family life. However, when her secret is unceremoniously revealed, the clear parallels between Leila and her mother Shireen emerge...

Underlined by a bright color palette, biting comedy and lively dance numbers, THE PERSIAN VERSION tells the story of a young woman who remains true to herself despite all odds. A heartfelt film about family and belonging, about a special mother-daughter relationship and the undeniable influence of pop music.