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The Heroic Trio

FromJohnnie To

WithMichelle Yeoh, Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung, Damian Lau



A Hong Kong genre mix par excellence! Director Johnnie To, who is known primarily for male-heavy gangster and cop thrillers, staged a concentrated female power in the literal sense with his early comic adaptation. Among others, with the newly crowned Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh (EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE) in one of her most iconic roles.

The people of the Hong Kong metropolis are lucky! When the police are at a loss - which is not infrequently - Thief Catcher, Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman are at the ready. This is also the case when more and more babies mysteriously disappear in the city. It doesn't necessarily help that all the other Villains are also up to their mischief in the streets flooded with neon lights and fog. Cutthroats, in the literal sense. But nothing against the Evil Master living in an inner-city parallel world, who is looking for the next heir to the throne...