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Schnitzel Time – An Austrian Dream

FromClemens Millauer

WithAnna Gasser, Clemens Millauer, Gigi Rüf, Adrian Krainer, Werni Stock, Tom Tramnitz und Sani Alibabic beim Träumen von Street Spots, Schnitzel und Powder Jumps



It all started last fall at the drag lift on the Stubai Glacier. Snowboard pro and filmmaker Clemens Millauer had the idea to bring together some of the most famous names of the domestic snowboard scene for a film project: SCHNITZEL TIME - a snowboard film with purely Austrian participation and the goal of filming as much as possible on home soil. Olympic champion Anna Gasser, Zillertaler Werni Stock and Tom Tramnitz, snowboard brand founder Gigi Rüf, Innsbruck style icon Sani Alibabic and Adrian Krainer are all involved.