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FromJohn G. Avildsen

WithSylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers, u.a.



Rocky Balboa, a club boxer from the poorest of circumstances and working as a debt collector, receives the opportunity of a lifetime: For the 200th anniversary celebration of American independence, he—the underdog—is to face heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Following the motto "You don't stand a chance, but take it!", "The Italian Stallion" prepares for his most important fight... The film's story became Hollywood reality, as it fulfilled a dream for the then-unknown Sylvester Stallone. Until 1976, just a minor actor in B-movies, he hit the mark with his screenplay's portrayal of the milieu and rose to superstardom. "Tough Guy" Eric Pleskow (in Stallone's words), who gave the project the green light despite many advising against it, accepted the Oscar for Best Picture on behalf of United Artists.