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FromDominik Mencej

WithTimon Sturbej, Petja Labović, Anja Novak u.a.



Riders, one of the most successful and heart-warming debuts in recent years, is a road movie inspired by genre classics such as Easy Rider. And the film's plot really picks up when young adult Anton (played by Petja Labović) finds a VHS tape of this old classic and spontaneously decides to put his rural life in the Slovenian village on hold for the time being and set off for the Croatian coast. His best friend Tomaž (played by Timon Šturbej) is of course along for the ride. Set in 1999, the film is a tenderly sketched time capsule that shows a thoroughly engaging empathy with the lovelorn main duo. Perhaps it will inspire you to go travelling yourself!

Part of the European Film Festival
21 - 29 February 2024 at Stadtkino Wien

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