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René – Vězeň svobody (René: The Prisoner of Freedom)

FromHelena Třeštíková



René is now almost 40 years old and has spent almost half his life in prison. Is the time now ripe for change and for the longed-for life of freedom? From the premiere of René in 2008 to the year 2021, Třeštíková has followed the life of her famous protagonist on film. During this time, he learns to deal with the popularity he has gained through the film and to navigate between social norms and his own values. Even though the filmmaker continues to play a major role in René's life, their relationship is no longer the focus of the film, as René finds new people and projects for himself. His new role in society challenges the viewer's expectations. (Marion Biet / Nicole Kandioler / Isabella Reicher)

Photo: Austrian Film Museum