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Prinzessin Mononoke (dt. Fassung)

FromHayao Miyazaki



Hayao Miyazaki's PRINCESS MONONOKE is a milestone in the art of animation and a film of unsurpassed power and beauty. An epic story of conflicts between humans, gods and nature.

A demon in the form of a giant boar bursts out of the forest and attacks Ashitaka's village. The brave young warrior slays the boar, but suffers a wound that eats deeper and deeper into his body and kills him, or worse still, turns him into a demon himself. While searching for the source of this infectious anger and for a cure, Ashitaka comes across an ironworks and its mistress Eboshi. She has trees felled in order to mine ore, and is not afraid to assert herself against the animals of the forest with the new invention of gunpowder. The animals and their gods now gather for a hopeless last stand against civilization.