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Petterson und Findus: Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt

FromAli N. Askin

WithMax Herbrechter, Stefan Kurt, Marianne Sägebrecht



Pettersson and Findus are completely snowed in two days before Christmas. There is nothing left to eat in the house and the Christmas tree they wanted to cut down in the forest is still missing. The little cat is afraid that they won't be able to celebrate the holiday at all. "Christmas won't be canceled", the old man promises him, on the contrary, it will be the "best Christmas ever". However, the next day, when the weather finally improves and they are able to take their sledge into the forest to cut down the tree, Pettersson injures his foot so badly that he can only move with a limp and in pain. They return without a tree and the shopping for the missing Christmas treats has to be canceled. Unfortunately, Pettersson's shyness and reticence prevent him from accepting the repeated offers of help from his neighbors Beda and Gustavsson. After Findus gets into serious danger during one last attempt to save Christmas and Pettersson once again refuses to help, the little cat's collar bursts. The old man finally comes to his senses and together they make their "own Christmas tree" at home. As they sit down to a meagre Christmas carrot meal, reconciled and cheerful, there is an unexpected knock at the door and the two of them are wide-eyed: outside are their neighbors with wonderful Christmas delicacies and now they are all celebrating "the best Christmas ever" together.