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FromPrasanna VITHANAGE

WithRoshan MATHEW, Darshana RAJENDRAN



Amritha, video blogger, and her husband Kesav, film producer, journey from Mumbai to Sri Lanka to celebrate their wedding anniversary by exploring the ancient sites of the Hindu epic Ramayana. However, their idyllic getaway is shattered when masked intruders steal all their valuables, leaving them stranded in their hill country bungalow. As they seek aid from the local police, Kesav’s frustration grows while Amritha finds solace in the beauty of their surroundings, deepening the divide in their marriage…

Against the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s severe economic crisis, Paradise delves into the cracks within society, interpersonal relations, and socio-political issues. The film explores the struggles arising from an unstable economy and poorly managed state institutions, digging into the psyche of marital relationships, empathy, and injustice. Through its narrative, Paradise raises pertinent questions about individual pursuit of justice and morality.