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One for the Road

FromMarkus Goller

WithNora Tschirner, Frederick Lau, Burak Yiğit, Inga Dietrich, Leo Meier, Lena Schmidtke



An extraordinary film that hits straight to the heart. A story about exuberance and control, about loneliness and friendship - and about the long road to realising what is really important.

In a world where it takes more of a reason not to drink, Mark is the uncrowned king. Seemingly effortlessly, he juggles his life between a demanding job as construction manager of a major Berlin building site, boisterous business dinners and rambunctious forays through Berlin's nightlife. One night, when he is intoxicated and tries to move his car, he is stopped by the police, his licence is gone and he has to undergo an MPU. Mark bets his best friend Nadim that he will manage not to drink any alcohol until he gets his driving licence back. When Mark meets Helena at the MPU course, he finds in her his "partner in crime". At first he is sure that it will all be a walk in the park, but the bet slowly turns out to be a long, rocky, often quite funny, but sometimes also really hard road. How do you give up familiar habits and admit to yourself that you have a real problem? The path back to your own self is anything but easy...