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Max und die Wilde 7 – Die Geister-Oma

FromWinfried Oelsner

With Lucas Herzog, Klara Nölle, Uschi Glas, Günther Maria Halmer, u.a.



At the Burg Geroldseck retirement home, 10-year-old Max has finally found real, but anything but ordinary friends: The adventurous pensioners Vera, Horst and Kilian from table no. 7 are always there for him. But things don't really work out with his peers. He is bullied in his new class and, to make matters worse, sports teacher Ströhle excludes him from the soccer team. Horst wants to help and challenges Ströhle to a duel: Max and the old geezers against the school team. How is that supposed to go well? Then the old knight's castle starts to be haunted. Will Max and the Wild 7 manage to win the soccer match and solve the case of the mysterious ghost grandma?

In Winfried Oelsner's second cinematic adventure, based on the successful children's book series of the same name, it's not only exciting but also spooky! Once again, the world's most unusual gang of detectives plunges into a criminal case and learns that courage and solidarity can overcome all challenges. No matter how old you are. In addition to the young actors, Uschi Glas, Günther Maria Halmer and Thomas Thieme also impress as the oddball pensioners with plenty of sporting spirit and wit.