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Life in Loops (A Megacities RMX)

FromTimo Novotny



An unusual film project that appropriates a method that is widespread in pop music but hardly ever used in cinema - and certainly not in a feature-length film: with the support of Michael Glawogger, Timo Novotny undertook a "remix" of his documentary Megacities. For Life in Loops, material for Glawogger's film was rearranged to the driving music of the Sofa Surfers and enriched with additional scenes, which were also shot by original cameraman Wolfgang Thaler: Tokyo images are added to the shots from Mumbai, New York, Moscow and Mexico City, whereby only about a third of the material was also seen in Glawogger's film. The title says it all: Life in Loops is conceived as a cyclical trip (even in individual moments) through the modern megalopolis, which disengages from space and time to an electro beat. A valid (post-)modern redesign of the idea of the metropolitan symphony that has gripped cinema since the days of silent film. (Christoph Huber)

In the presence of Timo Novotny