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Kino für die Kleinsten: Geschichten erzählen




Cinema for the little ones brings film programs for children from the age of 3 and their families, accompanied by a film mediator.

This time we sit down in the movie theater and ask: Tell us a story! Cinema is really good at that. The early films even did it without words, without sounds and without colors. Since then, all kinds of tricks have been developed to tell cinematic picture stories. From drawing tricks to time-lapse, we will encounter a few in this program.

L'Arroseur arrosé Auguste and Louis Lumière, France, 1895

Posjet iz svemira (Visit from outer space) Zlatko Grgić, Yugoslavia, 1964

Illustration Compostage Élise Auffrey, France, 2014

Konec krychle Zdenek Smetana, Czechoslovakia, 1979