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KatharinaViktoria / KatharinaViktoria 2(021) / Max Turnheim

FromViktoria Schmid / Friedl vom Gröller



Viktoria Schmid draws up a precisely calculated blueprint for her long-term observation, "in 240 looped 16 mm single-frame portraits. The individual images were taken one after the other in the camera. (...) The sequence of individual images changes from one portrait alternately increasing to four portraits per person in succession. From this rhythm onwards, the eye is able to perceive a difference." Ten years later, the process is repeated in an expanded form. As photographer Friedl Kubelka, Friedl vom Gröller has been taking portraits of herself and others for a long time. Every year since 2002, she has shot a roll of 16mm film with Max, the son of a family friend. "Here the film thinks of the portrait as a compression of an entire phase of life - the detachment from the parental home, the finding of one's own path, the renewed longing for bourgeois institutions. All this based on a face in the flow of time." (Alejandro Bachmann) (Marion Biet / Nicole Kandioler / Isabella Reicher)

In the presence of Friedl vom Gröller and Viktoria Schmid

Photo: Austrian Film Museum