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Hedy Crilla, Maestra de Actores

FromLuciana Murujosa

WithHedy Krilla, Agustín Alezzo, Héctor Bidonde



In 1940, the Austrian-Jewish actress Hedy Crilla came to Argentina fleeing National Socialism and left behind a budding career on the Austrian stage and in the German film industry. Because of her strong accent, she could not continue performing, so she began teaching and became the most important theater teacher in the history of Argentina. She revolutionized the stages of Buenos Aires by introducing her own acting method. Leonardo Sbaraglia, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz would not have become the stars they are without their influence. Yet the legacy of this extraordinary woman has been forgotten and completely unknown in her home country. This documentary aims to rediscover her character and her fundamental work: Hedy Crilla, teacher of actors, mentor of mentors.