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FromFlávia Neves

WithBárbara Colen, Nena Inoue, Eucir de Souza u.a.



Fernanda returns to her home in Goiás after a long time to bury the ashes of her deceased adoptive mother. But that is not the only reason for her trip: She wants to find out more about her own roots and her past. When she arrives at her relatives' house, she does not seem to be a welcome guest. Her uncomfortable questions and intensive enquiries completely upset the fragile balance in the family. Her uncle sees this as jeopardising his candidacy for mayor and tries to silence Fernanda. Brazilian director Flávia Neves' debut film is a reckoning with long-outdated traditions and male power relations in today's Brazil.

The courageous debut film also addresses the colonial past and the way exploitation is dealt with. Immersed in intense colours, with fantastic elements and quirky characters, FOGARÉU shows that the future is also in the hands of women.