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FromPeter Gorski

WithGustaf Gründgens, Will Quadflieg, Ella Büchi, Elisabeth Flickenschiltd, Max Eckard



FAUST is the last film Gründgens worked on. Although he initially kept looking for new excuses to reject the project, the film companies would not let up, and at some point Gründgens was convinced that Faust was "unheard of" for a film adaptation. Even Goethe "would have said yes to it". His adopted son and partner Peter Gorski took over the direction. The reviews were mixed; in addition to praise, one could read that Gründgens was "ghostly" in these shots and consisted only of lips and teeth. Even if some people screamed and still scream for distance, Mephisto is still irrevocably linked to Gründgens today. The film reproduces his parade role and makes it tangible, even if the direct experience was reserved for the theatre audience.