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El norte sobre el vacío (Northern Skies Over Empty Space)

FromAlejandra Márquez Abella

WithJuan Daniel García Treviño, Gerardo Trejoluna, Paloma Petra



Somewhere in the north of Mexico. Don Reynaldo has reason to celebrate: he has now been a ranch owner for 20 years and hunting luck is also on his side. However, he keeps quiet about the fact that the deer was shot by the housemaid Rosa. Don Reynaldo frantically tries to play it cool, but the family party turns into a disaster: the clown he has ordered is no fun, there is bad blood between the siblings and mysterious strangers suddenly turn up. When Don Reynaldo refuses to accede to their demands, the situation escalates. Only Rosa stands by her "patrón" with determination and fearlessness in defence of the ranch.

Based on a true incident, director Alejandra Márquez Abella (LAS NIÑAS BIEN) stages a modern, subversive western in a feminist guise. With great cinematography that skilfully plays with relations of sharpness and blurring, and a perfectly applied sound design that makes the threat palpable from the very first second, she shows the necessary gender change in Mexican society - from the perspective of those who have only played a supporting role up to now.