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Durch Dick und Dünn

FromMargareta Heinrich

WithMichaela Pilss, Helmut Berger, Renate Jett, Johannes Silberschneider, u.a.



Eva works in an advertising agency on a campaign for a new food processor. So it's only fitting that she has been increasingly confronted with the issue of losing weight for some time now. Sure, Eva looks good, but a few kilos less to get to her so-called ideal weight can't do any harm. Or could it? A pointed satire that turns the spirit and lifestyle of the yuppie decade on its head with a light hand and is perhaps more topical today than ever. Under what conditions can one (or: woman) be satisfied with oneself in the face of the optimization mania of our time? Whether the omniscient talking scales, which praise or blame those who climb them, will provide an answer to this question is more than doubtful. Awarded the Erich Neuberg Prize 1987 (Florian Widegger)