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Die Rumba-Therapie

FromFranck Dubosc

WithFranck Dubosc, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Catherine Jacob, Michel Houellebecq, Philippe Uchan



Tony, who is in his mid-fifties, is a lone wolf by any standards: in the morning he tours the Parisian countryside as a nonchalantly smoking school bus driver, in the evening he dreams of great freedom in faraway America. After a heart attack makes him aware of the transience of life, the grumpy loner decides to visit his daughter Maria, who works as a dance teacher in Paris and whose mother he abandoned before Maria was born. Tony wants to get closer to his daughter, but shies away from revealing himself. So he signs up for a rumba class under a false name. But Maria does not accept just anyone into her class. Talent is in demand! With his neighbour Fanny (Marie-Philoméne Nga), Tony trains hip swings, passion poses and cha-cha rhythms day and night and gets himself a place in Maria's rumba class. But can years of paternal absence be danced away so easily?