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Desperté con un sueño (I Woke Up With a Dream)

FromPablo Solarz

WithLucas Ferro, Romina Peluffo, Mirella Pascual



Twelve-year-old Felipe has a dream: he wants to become an actor. He hides the fact that he is taking part in a theatre workshop at school from his seriously ill mother. At night, he writes his own plays and dreams of being on stage himself. During the day, however, reality catches up with him: There is no room for such dreams in Felipe's life. When he is surprisingly invited to an audition in Montevideo, his world is turned upside down. Felipe does everything he can to get the part. He even reconnects with his grandmother, whom he hasn't seen since his father died.

The moving film by director Pablo Solarz (EL ÚLTIMO TRAJE) skilfully blends fiction and reality: the script about a special passion was written by the young lead actor Lucas Ferro himself. With sensitive acting and the camera very close to his characters, Solarz sensitively captures the turbulent process of growing up and the fragility of youthful dreams.