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Das Salz der Erde

FromWim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado



Over the past 40 years, Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado has documented the traces of our changing world and human history on every continent. He has witnessed important events of recent decades - international conflicts, wars and their consequences, famine, displacement and suffering. His impressive photo reportages have shaped our view of the world. Salgado himself would have almost perished mentally from this task if he had not started a new, gigantic photo project: 'Genesis'. Almost half of our planet remains untouched to this day. For almost a decade now, Salgado has dedicated his camera to these paradisiacal places on our planet, returning to the origin of all life and revealing a wonderful homage to the beauty of our planet.

THE SALT OF THE EARTH is both an intense portrait and a tribute to the master of social photography Sebastião Salgado from the perspective of his son Juliano and his admirer Wim Wenders. The cinema poet proves to be a sensitive and excellent travel guide in this visual odyssey through Salgado's extensive oeuvre, leaving the stage entirely to this exceptional artist. No exhibition will show these pictures more impressively than on the big screen.