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Compañeros – La noche de 12 años (Tage wie Nächte)

FromÁlvaro Brechner

WithAlfonso Tort, Antonio de la Torre, César Troncoso u.a.



After a coup in 1973, the military establishes a brutal dictatorship in Uruguay. Members of the Tupamaros movement are arrested, including friends Maurico, Eleuterio and Pepe. Because of their commitment to freedom and justice, they are sent to solitary confinement. With no contact with the outside world, they have to endure twelve years in prison under inhumane conditions. With ingenuity and fighting spirit, the men try not to lose their will to live and to escape the prison hell.

Poet Mauricio Rosencof and Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro wrote about their memories of this terrible time in the book "Memorias del calabozo" ("Dungeon Years"), which director Álvaro Brechner used as the basis for this visually stunning drama. Mauricio and Eleuterio had a deep friendship with their companion "Pepe" Mujica, who was democratically elected president of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015. Dream and reality merge in this gripping work with darkly poetic images and sophisticated sound design. Winner of awards at more than 50 film festivals worldwide, Brechner has created a significant contemporary document with this courageous film.