04.06. 18:15
Kino Freistadt

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Chantal im Märchenland

FromBora Dagtekinn

WithJella Haase, Gizem Emre, Mido Kotaini



Chantal (Jella Haase) had a formative time at school. With her outspoken nature, she even worked her way up to A-levels. Now a new adventure awaits her - albeit rather unintentionally: Chantal soon finds herself in the world of fairy tales. There she encounters witches, kings and other fairytale characters. But her best friend Zeynep (Gizem Emre) has also accidentally ended up in the fairytale world and Chantal has to fight for her friendship by any means necessary. Along the way, she clears up outdated clichés in the fairytale world and uncovers one or two secrets that have remained hidden in the fairytale books until now.