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Bajo la sal (Below The Salt)

FromEmiliano Bazzani, Felix M. Dorn



The light metal lithium is an important building block for batteries and electric cars and therefore a crucial resource for reducing global CO2 emissions. In Argentina, the lithium boom of recent years has led to a large number of new mining projects, which have triggered a variety of reactions: The indigenous communities in the Andean region suddenly find themselves at the centre of global economic processes. On the one hand, there is hope for paid jobs and economic development. On the other hand, the traditional ways of life of the indigenous people are severely restricted and their self-determination jeopardised. There is particular concern about local water resources. While the indigenous people at the "Salar de Olaroz-Cauchari" salt lake are cooperating with the lithium mining companies, those around the "Salinas Grandes" salt flats are protesting against the presence of the international corporations.

In spectacular images and drone footage, the documentary film by Felix M. Dorn and Emiliano Bazzani examines the conflicts surrounding lithium mining in north-west Argentina and takes a comprehensive look at the socio-ecological consequences of the "white gold rush".