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FromSofía Auza

WithJuan Daniel García Treviño, Rocío de la Mañana, Michele Abascal



Hugo and Momo meet at a bus stop in the middle of the night. Dressed up as legendary US aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, Momo wants to go to a fancy dress party. Hugo and his cactus Adolfo are on their way to his father's funeral. The quick-witted Momo persuades Hugo to go along to the party. It soon becomes clear: Adolfo needs a new home. Where could that be? The two lost souls wander through the night, visiting launderettes, biker bars, taco stands and Momo's ex-boyfriend's flat. By the time dawn breaks, the two have grown closer and have at least conquered their demons to some extent and healed old wounds.

In her debut film, Mexican director Sofía Auza delights us with an unusually original girl-meets-boy story. ADOLFO takes us into another world for a night, telling of love and sadness, lust for life and frustration with life - and the fine line in between. With bright colours, witty dialogue and lovingly designed settings, the trio grows on you so quickly that you want to adopt Adolfo yourself.