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À Plein Temps

FromEric Ravel

WithLaure Calamy, Anne Suarez, Geneviève Mnich



A woman under pressure. After separating from her husband, Julie moved to a Paris suburb where she looks after her two children alone. Every day she takes them both to an older nanny and then drives to Paris, where she has a stressful job as a chambermaid in a luxury hotel. When a strike breaks out, public transport is constantly canceled, making commuting between home and work much more difficult. When Julie applies for another job in the city, she finds herself caught in a marathon between parental care and troubleshooting, which pushes her to the limits of her strength and puts her professional and private existence in danger.

For his fast-paced second feature film, Eric Gravel won the directing award in the “Orizzonti” series in Venice, and leading actress Laure Calamy was named best actress in the same section.