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Lithuanian Shorts „Wanderlust Chronicles“





„Wanderlust Chronicles“ is a captivating Lithuanian short documentary film program that showcases a collection of four films. The program takes viewers on a journey, exploring concepts such as slow living, joyful aging, inspiring love from a distance, and a clandestine writers club brimming with openness and creative energy. Through these remarkable stories, „Wanderlust Chronicles“ offers an immersive experience, capturing the essence of human emotions, profound connections, and the beauty found within everyday moments.

The Amateurs / Mėgėjai

dir. Audrius Antanavičius, 23’, 2015, documentary

Dentist Vitolis Laumakys and engineer Adolfas Morėnas have met accidentally in the street, while Adolfas was repairing his motorcycle. During a short chat, they found out about each other’s admiration for the cinema. Adolfas revealed he had got a 8 mm film camera – so, they’ve started filming. Meanwhile, by chance, they found out about empty spaces in Kėdainiai Culture Centre – bit by bit, the men installed there everything what they needed for the professional filmmaking. In 1962 the amateur film studio called “The Amateur” was established. In some years it has become the most successful and famous Lithuanian amateur film studio.

The Trip / Reisas

dir. Rimantas Oičenka, 25’, 2022, documentary

Soviet Lithuania, 1975. Against the backdrop of an industrial fishing boat, fishermen kiss their wives goodbye. They are going off to the sea to catch fish in the far Atlantic coasts of Africa. The boat is going to be their home for the upcoming five months. Eventhough the ship sails thousands miles away from the Iron Curtain, its shadow follows the men.

Buona Sera

dir. Justė Michailinaitė, 20’, 2022, documentary

The film tells the story of a troupe of travelling performers in southern Europe who go by the playful name of “Circo Soluna”. Their houses are brightly coloured horse-drawn wagons that have neither the usual household amenities of modern life, nor an internet connection. Even their “kitchen” is a small pony-drawn wagon that holds their main unbreakable utensils and food, brought to them mostly by local townspeople.

It would seem that a utopian freedom prevails here – but as each new day begins, obligations and responsibilities begin with it.

Anthology of the Plot / Suokalbio antologija

dir. Artūras Jevdokimovas, 26’, 2015, documentary

This film is about a time that is lost forever. In 1995-1996, the cult cafe Suokalbis (meaning The Plot) in Vilnius, was already losing its splendour, but still served as a gathering place for artists of every age, recognised and unknown, students of all kinds and, of course, random visitors. Back then, ashtrays were overflowing with cigarette butts, bottles were quickly drained, and stormy discussions and dances lasted until dawn. Come the 21st century, café communities like Suokalbis were pushed aside by the rising club culture, and disappeared like alcohol vapours and tobacco smoke.