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Cinema Next: Ein Fest des jungen Films – Teil 1



Once a year, the newcomer initiative Cinema Next goes on a big Austrian tour through five cities. A separate programme is put together for each city, which also brings together many local artists. On 30 October, the tour will be back in Salzburg at DAS KINO! As always, the two short film programmes offer a colourful and exciting showcase of Austria's - and Salzburg's - current up-and-coming filmmaking. A jury of three, who will watch the films together with the audience, will award their favourite films of the evening with prize money. At the beginning of the programmes, the Film Annual Scholarship of the Province of Salzburg, which this year goes to Victoria Funkl, and the Arbeitswelten Promotion Prize of the Salzburg Chamber of Labour will be awarded. A celebration of young film - don't miss it!

Programme of Part 1:
Awarding of the annual film scholarship of the province of Salzburg
Doubts by Mareike Färber & Constanze Radak, 2023, 3 min
The End of the End of the World by Meike Wüstenberg, 2022, 26 min
Mr. Sunshine by Clara Boesl & Amanda Burzić, 2022, 5 min
Kiesler's Body by Ganaël Dumreicher, 2023, 3 min
The Hand that Feeds by Helen Hideko, 2022, 24 min
Mikk: Lights On by Monika Jungwirth, 2022, 3 min